1. Cookie Notice

When you access or use our content, products and services (this includes free slots with no download, casino reviews or no deposit bonuses), we may use cookies to gather details from your devices.

Cookies have several purposes, and in this dedicated policy, we’ll provide a better understanding of what cookies are, why we use them, which type we utilise, and how you get to control the use of cookies.

In the event the cookies we use are not necessary for our site’s functioning and service delivery, we will ask for your consent to use cookies when you visit our website for the first time.

Yet, note that processing our data gathered through cookies is a matter for the privacy policy unless we state otherwise in this policy.

2. About Cookies  

Whenever you visit a new website, you’ll observe that the operator uses cookies. Cookies are actually tiny text files that automatically download to your device. All these files include a small amount of information that may include details about you, your preferences and the device you’re using.

Their main goal is to improve your online experience, making sure that you get only relevant content and features in an effective way. Every time you visit one of our websites, your browser will enable the cookie use.

Generally, cookies do not hold any details identifying you as a person. However, any personal information we store may be connected with the data stored and gathered from cookies.

We value your privacy, so you may choose not to allow certain types of cookies. But do note that blocking these cookies could affect how you experience the website and the services we provide. For guidance on managing cookies, please refer to section 4.

3. Cookies on SlotsCalendar  

We use both session cookies and persistent cookies for different purposes across our websites.

While you browse a particular site, session cookies are downloaded to your device for a short time. These cookies make navigation between pages more efficient and allow platforms to remember your preferences.

On the contrary, your web browser stores persistent cookies that remain valid until their fixed expiry date. Yet, the user can manually erase them. These cookies have the power to improve your experience as a returning visitor, remembering data such as login credentials. Contact information or account numbers. This means that you don’t need to enter this data every time you use the site.

Cookies may come from the website operator, and we call them first-party cookies. Moreover, other parties, apart from the website operator, may download cookies on your devices, just like our service providers. We refer to these cookies as third-party cookies.

While we use cookies for different purposes, the cookies we use the most fall into one of the following categories:

3.1 Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential for our website to work impeccably. They are needed to deliver content, products and services that you asked for as a user.

These vital cookies will allow your device to download or stream information, letting you navigate our websites and use their features freely. The cookies are responsible for keeping the logged-in status as you navigate between pages or retaining an anonymous user session on the server.

Please note that these cookies don’t keep any details that might identify you personally and are necessary for the website to operate properly. This means that you can’t disable them.

3.2 Functional Cookies

The role of these cookies is to recognise you when you revisit our websites. This means they allow us to remember your preferences and choices to provide better features. These cookies also help us improve the website’s functionality.

Functional cookies, as we call them, can store details about your preferences, like the language, for instance, the thing that allows us to offer more customised features.

Us or the third-party providers whose services we have displayed on our web pages can set these cookies. In case you choose to turn off these cookies, some specific services may not work properly.

3.3 Performance Cookies

Performance cookies will be able to gather details about the website usage. Although these cookies won’t identify you when you are not logged in, they will still gather browser information and anonymised data.

The role of data collecting is to deliver aggregated statistics on visitors to our websites. We only use these statistics internally to test and improve our site’s performance. It will also help improve the user experience. Rarely these cookies will be managed by third parties.

Please note that these third parties can use them within the limit, only for the abovementioned purposes. They are unable to identify users through these cookies.

If you don’t allow these cookies on our website, we’ll be unable to observe its performance and make the needed changes.

3.4 Targeting Cookies

Targeting cookies are those responsible for recording your visit to our website. They record the pages you visit and the products you select. With all the information we collect through these cookies, we make our website and the ads and materials more relevant to your preferences.

Advertising partners of our site can also set these cookies. The partner companies can use the details to create a profile of your preferences and show you relevant ads on other sites.

These cookies can also collect browser behaviour data that helps target content and advertising. They deliver information about your visits to advertisers, allowing them to showcase ads that align with your interests.

On top of that, these cookies’ role is to deliver customised content and marketing communications that are according to your preferences extracted from your visit.

They might also control how often ads appear and assist in gauging the success of advertising efforts.

It’s worth mentioning that targeting cookies doesn’t directly store personal information but instead depends on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device. If you decide not to permit these cookies, you might receive less tailored advertising.

4. Managing Cookies

There are several methods to accept or decline cookies, such as adjusting your browser settings or deleting existing cookies.

If you change your cookie preferences using your web browser, please note that these changes will affect all websites you visit, not just ours, unless you individually remove or block each cookie. Moreover, you’ll need to adjust your cookie preferences separately for each browser you use.

It’s worth noting that removing our cookies or turning off future cookies could restrict your access to certain areas or features of the website. For example, if your browser is set to disable session cookies, you won’t be able to log into your account.

For guidance on managing cookies in popular browsers, please consult the following resources:

For details on other browsers, please refer to the respective browser developer’s website.

If you prefer to avoid being tracked by Google Analytics on any website, you can visit  http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

To gain further insight into cookies, including how to check the cookies that have been stored, you can visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org.

For complex information on how we protect your privacy, please consult our Privacy Policy.