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At SlotsCalendar, we believe in providing value to our users. That’s why we offer all our resources and expertise for free. Get live updates on new games, casinos, software providers, and bonuses for any game you can think of without any hidden costs or fees. Everything is for free, lads!

But now you probably wonder how a team like us can be this awesome. Well, let us tell you everything in our style!

The Genius Idea That Started Everything

The best thing about genius ideas is that you do not have to be a genius to have them. You just need to be passionate enough to think about improvement and innovation. We wish to make all the changes for the better.

A simple idea is all you need; this is how SlotsCalendar came to life. Massive platforms like Wikipedia and IMDb are their fields’ most reliable and trustworthy information portals. People are always going to these platforms for information; this is precisely what we want to build for the gambling industry.

SlotsCalendar aims to be the first go-to source of casino guides, games, and bonuses for all British players. Thousands of players from different regions of the globe have already found our website very useful, and now you can also benefit from it.

It is now time to focus on providing exclusive information and recommendations aligned with British gambling habits and desires. Everything you will find on this website results from our efforts to find the best casino platforms and games and bonuses for every one of them in the UK.

You will find here the best, most popular, and newest slots and table games and feed-like information systems to stay on the pulse of the industry. All the game launches, all the news, changes, innovations and promotions are now available for all the players in the United Kingdom.

From this genius idea, our experts did an excellent job building up a calendar which you can use daily to claim bonuses, schedule spin sessions, and discover all the new things about the industry we all love. Not only did we create a hub, but our functional calendar gives you access to all this knowledge from only one page.

And there is more!

Players from the UK now have access to comprehensive and transparent reviews of every online casino operator. You now have the chance to test any online casino game for free, and you can check out safe casino recommendations in case you want to try them with real money. And to top it off, you can redeem bonuses and promotions for each.

Overall, SlotsCalendar is a complete set of tools for any casino enthusiast who wants to have fun, play various games, and claim as many bonuses as possible, all happening in a high-security environment.

SlotsCalendar’s Vision, Mission, and Goals

Our platform has everything you need for online casino gaming, with an extensive selection of free games and bonuses you can always rely on. You can find old and new games in our library, which you can also mark on your custom calendar and get alerts when they become accessible.

Our reviews are more than just honest and straightforward; our team of experts backs up casino efforts with expertise and professionalism. We strive to provide our unbiased opinion so you can confidently make an informed decision before trying any of our free games.

We also offer exclusive bonuses that are unique for each game. This simplifies finding what you need to start playing for real money. All of our recommended casinos are trustworthy UKGC-licenced platforms. Our primary goal is to become the most authoritative voice in the online casino gaming industry.

We will create a flawless platform where you can access all online slots, reviews, and bonuses without worrying about being let down.

Our Core Values

If we have to find one thing that we think is at least as strong as our expertise in the gambling industry, it’s our values. We aim to become the biggest online slots hub but don’t want to stop there. We have our set of values which shape everything we do. We have a great young team with ambitions and passionate enough to keep innovating the industry.

Our customers are the most important for us. That’s why we always put them first. One of our top priorities is ensuring our British customers have fun while respecting a responsible set of gambling rules. Like any other thing in life, it has to come in moderation. Because we want to keep our clients safe, we are committed to always promoting responsible gambling habits.

While other review platforms hide behind smoke and mirrors, trying to make the casino industry look like a life-saving solution, we remain transparent and fair. We will be honest from the start, with full disclosure, and continue to provide easy-to-understand information.

We have to be honest because we want to maintain the most transparent approach. Although our online casino games are free to play, and you can play them for free without paying, we generate revenue as an affiliate to various online gambling platforms.

This helps us continue our work and sustain the quality level of our reviews and the exclusivity of our various bonuses.

Love for the games is another value that represents us, so you can trust our ability to give you insights about every online casino game as soon as it launches. And because we are also fair and transparent, we will take advantage of our position, and even if we are first to showcase a game, we will surely tell you if a game is worth your time.

That being said, we would like to applaud you for choosing us. Welcome! You are finally part of the best gambling industry hub for passionate and informed gamblers!

Please take advantage of our platform and start your journey!

And please do not forget to play responsibly!